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Autonomous productivity monitoring to protect the privacy of individuals gaining momentum

Under the unprecedented challenges and difficulties caused by COVID-19, employees are trying to figure out ways to optimize their productivity. Also, they are trying to sharpen their competitive advantages in the workplace. This can further benefit business performance as a whole. Here, technology like autonomous productivity monitoring tools are very important. As the tools assist us to have more insight. For instance, how to facilitate higher productivity, based on the real-time and detailed data reports it generated.

Traditionally, the monitoring tool was mostly regarded as management-oriented software. Since it can allow managers to know better how their people function. In turn, this can effectively detect or even avoid issues (for instance, data loss and insider threat). However, if we change the lens of technology usage, autonomous productivity monitoring software can offer great values to employees.

Then, what are the benefits that monitoring tools can give to employees?

Firstly, monitoring tools can serve self-monitoring purposes through its comprehensive data report of employees’ activities. For the high achiever cohort, the monitoring software can access detailed information and analyse their operating performance. They can use the technology to conduct autonomous productivity monitoring and reflect on their working strategies. So that they are able to see the areas for improvement.

Secondly, autonomous productivity monitoring tools can make a contribution to individual performance improvement. On the one hand, the performance data can enable business leaders to know who might need more support and resources at work (i.e. the low productivity players might lack guidance and have difficulties). This empowers individuals to gain performance improvement; on the other hand, employees are able to have a high level of information about others. Through comparing and contrasting, employees can learn from the best practices within their team, dig out the concrete and practical methods to enhance their productivity from their colleague reports, which is beneficial for each individual’s career development.

Thirdly, with the use of monitoring tools, managers can create a leaderboard where high productivity players will show on the list. The data will also be the evidence-based decision-making resources for managers to reward those good team players. It is likely that this approach can further motivate the rewarded ones and motivate other employees to learn from their peers and do more on self-improvement, which will be an effective way for business leaders to organise their teams better.

Currently, we are working with Neebal to empower and motivate the workforce with autonomous monitoring. Gaining a better understanding of productivity and finding ways to improve performance start from leveraging technology.

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