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Remote Employee Productivity- The Focal Point

Ever since the pandemic made our lives take a 360-degree turn, the modern workforce is facing newer challenges every day. Finding a work-life balance and homeschooling children is easier said than done. Yet, one of the recent surveys stated that the productivity of remote workers has now gone up by 47%. Now, that is definitely good news for employers who completely rely on remote working alone. Isn't it?

Yet, one question still hangs in the air. How do you measure the productivity of these employees working from home? That is where the productivity monitoring software comes into the picture. This software is definitely a boon in times like these. But, that's not all! There are even more ways to measure your remote employee's productivity! Interested? We've got it all covered here!

Smart Ways To Measure Your Remote Employee's Productivity

As the employees no longer work under the watchful eyes of supervisors and team leads, managers often end up wondering whether they are actually working or not? How do you know whether your employee is just chilling there watching a Netflix series or working dedicatedly on the job? Fret not! We can help you out! What if you don't have physical supervision? There are even better ways! Let us unwrap them one by one.

Track Employee Activities

As we had already discussed above, the employee productivity software always walks away with accolades. This tracking tool helps you track your employee's activity when they are working from the comfort of their home. It helps you get the exact time spent by each employee to finish a particular task. It also helps to prevent your team from idling during working hours. The tool further offers an extensive productivity tracking report that gives detailed statistics about an employee's productivity levels over a given time.

Use Separate Tools For Different Teams

You can consider using different types of productivity management software for each team. The benefit of using different software for measuring the productivity of teams is that it helps the managers to supervise the productivity levels of each employee based on each project. You can assign tasks to each employee, track their progress separately and then receive notifications on your screen as they complete each task. In case there are multiple employees working on the same task, you can even rank them based on their productivity levels and the speed within which they complete the task.

Set Project Goals Based On Time Frames

Time is always a crucial part of every business. If a task is not completed on time, the business will start facing issues. Hence, setting a time frame is always essential. Set clear deadlines for your employees so that they complete the work on time and stay productive throughout. This will also help to run the business like clockwork without any unnecessary halts.

Setting clear time frames not only helps to get the deliverables completed as planned, but also motivates your employees to complete work on time. Also, if you don't clearly define the works for your remote employees, the chances of them becoming lethargic and unproductive are more.

While setting goals, set both team and personal goals so that your employees will clearly understand what you expect from them. This will encourage them to work steadily towards their goals. By setting clear standards from the beginning itself, remote workers become easy to manage and productive at the same time.

Track The Work Timings

Ensure that you always track the time your employees spend on work. Time tracking is an essential component of measuring your employee's productivity. The productivity formula is as follows:

Productivity = Output / Time

By measuring the time, you will get a clear idea about the number of hours an employee remains logged in front of their laptop or computer. You can even go for an employee time tracker like Flowtrack that captures the screenshots of the employee's work activities at specific time intervals. This helps you to cross-check what an employee was doing at a particular time.

Measuring time not only helps in measuring the employee's productivity. It also helps to find whether an employee is working for longer hours than required and thereby getting tired and burned out. You can also find those employees who work for less time. This might indicate that they don't have enough work at hand or they are simply wasting time without carrying out their tasks. Any of the above scenarios need immediate interventions and corrections.

Conduct Reviews, Track Achievements

Conduct review sessions annually to track each team's achievements. You can list down the lessons learnt, skills to be improved, accomplishments, goals, and any extra help managers need to provide to their teams. This activity is not done to identify the best and poor performers. It is not done for a performance appraisal either. Instead, it is something that can help in strengthening the organization's culture as a whole.

Measure The Customer Satisfaction Levels

One of the best ways to measure your business and employee performance is to check for customer satisfaction. A satisfied and happy customer indirectly means that your business is forging ahead in the right direction. One of the commonly used metrics to track customer satisfaction is the CSAT ( Customer Satisfaction Rate). This KPI is measured by asking customers to rate your business on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 implies that they are very unsatisfied, and 5 implies that they are very satisfied.

After obtaining CSAT rates from a group of customers, you can take the average score to determine how satisfied your customers are with your business. If you get a high CSAT, then that indicates that your support team is highly productive, and you will most probably be able to achieve higher customer retention rates.

Flowtrack- The Productivity Monitoring Software Your Business Needs

With remote working gaining momentum and becoming a part of the 'new normal', companies need to start finding the best ways to measure employee productivity. Flowtrack offers you one of the best employee time tracking tools to measure your employees' work hours, productivity levels, idle time and much more!

Eliminate the burnouts, offer flexibility and embrace the many benefits of remote working by opting for a productivity monitoring software that meets all your needs in one. Just follow the tips we have listed down in this article, and you are good to go! Stay productive, stay competitive, stay on top!

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