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Monitoring tool and its five benefits in real-time rewards

Working from home has become the new normal in the workplace. It gives employees the flexibility and convenience to get involved in their work. However, on the other hand, employee disengagement, low productivity, and other issues have become growing problems under the remote working model, which has resulted in more challenges and difficulties for business leaders to get their teams well-managed without monitoring tools.

Employee disengagement’s negative impact will be a significant loss (either on time or money) for businesses. This is not only because disengaged employees are not functioning as well as they should, but also because the disengaged cohort will drag down the engaged employees’ contribution, which will pose a threat to the business performance as a whole. Additionally, remote workers are more likely to be interrupted by trivial distractions like online shopping, social media notifications, and a range of distractions as they are working at home. Higher error rates and lower work quality will happen as well.

Moreover, if employees are left unchecked, they will be quicker to become disengaged and unproductive at work.

Here it shows the importance of utilizing a monitoring tool to check employees, especially under the new normal. With the assistance of employee monitoring software, tracking employee progress will be much more effective and easier.

With the monitoring tool usage, employers have access to know what and how their people are performing. The technology can generate real-time and reliable data for benchmarking standard performance. The monitoring report will give employers better ideas and insight into how to manage their teams effectively.

The five prominent benefits of using a monitoring tool would be:

Benefit 1: Early detection of the factors that affect employees’ productivity

A useful monitoring tool can empower employers to pre-emptively figure out the anomalies, which helps them take further actions to solve potential issues. For example, unproductive behavior may imply that employees have encountered some difficulties. Business leaders can offer support to those who need guidance but did not proactively ask before, facilitating a better contribution.

Benefit 2: Collect real-time data to evaluate employees’ performance

The real-time data which evaluates employees’ performance can enable business leaders to gain a quick, accurate, and insightful understanding of employees’ contribution. Insight generates access for managers to know players’ situations even while remote working sets barriers for them to monitor. Managers can thus organize their teams more effectively.

Benefit 3: Enable business leaders to build a baseline for comparison

The evidence-based report can enable managers to identify the good and bad team players, further motivating and rewarding those who have better work performance, triggering higher engagement.

Benefit 4: Make team well-managed by allocating resources most appropriately

As mentioned above, based on the real-time monitoring report, managers can figure out who needs more support and who is more capable of doing tasks, which allows them to allocate better working resources tailored to different people. A well-managed team and appropriate resource allocation are likely to lead to better working outcomes as a whole.

Benefit 5: Allow organizations to stay connected with their people and cultivate a better working vibe

Staying connected with employees is one of the most important things when the workforce is widely distributed nowadays. Using the insight generated from the monitoring tool helps build an excellent working vibe and contributes to strengthening team cohesion.

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