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Productivity monitoring and the importance of timely performance assessment

Productivity Monitoring and the importance of timely performance assessment

Remote working has transformed from a convenience to a necessity for many companies nowadays. However, when your team members are out of sight, many factors are unknown and unpredictable. It becomes harder for managers to work out the reasons behind the scene when issues like low-productivity occur. Productivity monitoring data generated from employee monitoring tools will help managers lead their team to the next level. The technology can effectively improve team productivity as a whole even under the remote working context.

Why do we need timely assessment?

Remote supervision is challenging for both business managers and team players. For managers, it is struggling to ensure that their teams are functioning productively and efficiently. Those business leaders feel ill-equipped with tactics to interact and motivate their people in the distributed workplace condition. They also lose great impromptu opportunities to coach and guide their people. Originally, the coaching activities could be conducted effectively in the face-to-face, in-office setting. The timely assessments using productivity monitoring tools create access for business leaders to have a comprehensive scope on understanding and analysing the entire team behaviour. Right management strategies arise from the insightful knowledge of employees. Therefore, in-time and detail-oriented employee reports enable managers to develop better strategies. For example, how to cope with management problems arising from the new normal.

In terms of the employee side, more and more employees feel challenging because of the switch of the operating mode. For example, a few studies revealed that the cost of communication within the team is increasing. Some research showed that employees spent more time on communication, like reporting their tasks, asking managers for clarification. Spending more time on communication means that less time was allocated to complete their studies, decreasing employees’ productivity.

Leveraging productivity monitoring tools, managers are able to get timely employee performance reports. This allows them to figure out employees’ situations and offer tailored support in time. Meanwhile, based on the timely assessment, managers are more likely to adjust the working assignments and expectations. The qualitative performance data gives managers insight into how long a particular task takes to complete compared with how long it should ideally take. This also shows that timely assessments reports could help management.

The value of in-time qualitative performance data

Firstly, the qualitative performance data can allow managers to understand their people. The data can also enable team players to get to know each other’s performance. Here, the best team players cast role model effects. In other words, the role models make a significant contribution to the sense of self-discipline within the team. The role model effect is highly likely to facilitate better team performance and a remote working vibe.

Secondly, the real-time data provides an accurate and reliable basis for managers’ decision-making. For instance, rewarding good team players become evidence-based rather than perception or superficial observation. Additionally, thanks to information transparency, other employees (the ones left behind in the performance evaluation) can better understand managers’ decisions. Also, they are likely to pay more effort in the future.

Overall, we could see how important the employee monitoring tool is for the invaluable timely employee performance reports it generates. Making the most qualitative in-depth productivity monitoring data is the must choice for those who want to level up their business in this challenging setting.

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