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Why Choose FlowTrack?

How does productivity/employee monitoring work?

The monitoring platform comes with two products. One is an agent installed on the user’s system. The other component is a dashboard that managers and administrators will have access to viewing how employees perform during business hours.

Desktop agents collect data on user activity from keyboard and mouse actions with an optional screenshot. It also tracks application and internet usage with effort spent on each of them.

What are the deployment models FlowTrack has got?

FlowTrack agent has two deployment models. One has got the user interface for employees to start and stop tracking their activity, and another agent runs in a stealth mode where users do not need to interact. FlowTrack also provides businesses with an option to manage autonomous monitoring where employees can monitor themself and self-manage their productivity.

How is my productivity measured?

Activity levels are calculated based on the percentage of keyboard and mouse strokes over the total time tracked for a specific period. The activity levels feature lets you know exactly how productive you or your team are when tracking time. You may use this data to address team efficiency on the spot quickly.

For every second, we label the user as active or inactive.

A mouse movement or keyboard stroke = active.

No keyboard or mouse = inactive.

We add all of these numbers up and give a total % of activity for that 10-minute segment using this equation:

activity rate % = Active seconds / 600

Does it capture key values when the user types in the keyboard?

FlowTrack app doesn’t capture the key values but only the keystrokes. It is very safe to use FlowTrack while browsing sensitive information. To protect the information in the screenshot, the user can blur the screenshot at the source.

What are the benefits for managers, leaders, and business owners?

Managers and leaders can make decisions based on data rather than perception. Some of the benefits are as below.
  1. Realtime recognition and reward based on efficiency and scorecard (Quantitative & Qualitative) without bias
  2. FlowTrack makes employee evaluation easier, encouraging more frequent conversations about performance than one dreaded annual review.
  3. The very fact that employees know they are being monitored usually helps minimize distractions and inappropriate conduct.
  4. Being transparent with monitoring practices can encourage productivity and increase employee confidence in resolving problems.
  5. Usage of apps and their time help the businesses optimize some of the software’s licensing cost, which otherwise is over-purchased and underused.

Does it have benefits for employees?

Productivity monitoring is not only for the employers to understand who is being productive or unproductive, but it is also for employees to balance their effort while working from home. Overwork does bring long-term health issues for employees. During the working hour, the productive and unproductive band helps businesses defineemployee-friendly policies, creating a great employee value proposition.

Is FlowTrack suitable for any industry?

FlowTrack is more suitable for the following industries due to the necessity of the activity tracking on employee’s computer system
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)
  • Staffing and Recruitment
  • Outsourcing / Offshoring
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