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All About Employee Monitoring Software !

Employee Monitoring - The Best Way to Improve Workplace Productivity

Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to improve workplace productivity. Though there are many ways to do that, employee monitoring software is considered the best of the lot. As an employer, you have to ensure that your employees' time is used productively. You can do this by monitoring their computers with the help of a screen monitoring software. This will help reduce incidents of time theft, prevent data breaches and improve employee work productivity. But, if you are implementing a monitoring system, you have to do so within the boundaries of the employee privacy law.

Confused about ways to implement a monitoring system? Wonder how it will be useful? Concerned whether it will be an invasion of employee privacy? We've got answers to all the possible questions you may have!

Got A Query? We've Got The Answers!

1. Employee monitoring- Is it a legal practice?

Yes! Most state and federal laws allow employers to monitor their employees. In fact, employers are allowed to monitor anything that comes in and goes out of their network and devices. The employer has all the rights to ensure that their employees are using the internet only for work-related purposes during paid working hours. Interested to know more? Click here!

2. How does the screen capturing facility work? Would employees know their screens are being recorded?

Employee monitoring technology focuses on going beyond the core time tracking methods, management of workloads and schedules. It helps employers to capture their team members' computer screens at random time intervals. They can oversee and check the productivity levels of their employees. Thus, it is obvious that this way of monitoring all employees equally is not a discriminatory method. In fact, FlowTrack's desktop version allows employees to view their screenshots. To know more about
Flowtrack's screen capturing facility, go right here.

3. Will an employee monitoring software be able to track time on multiple screens?

Yes. Some of the best employee monitoring software like Flowtrack can easily do it. It tracks time on multiple screens and takes screenshots from the primary desktop. FlowTrack deploys an agent to get the screenshots of the remote desktop. Flowtrack's employee monitoring capabilities are not limited to activity monitoring alone. It collects data and offers valuable insights. With Flowtrack, employers can track employee performance insights, payroll and much more. To know more, click here.

4. What are the points to take care of while choosing an employee monitoring software?

No matter whether you have 10 or 10,000 devices, you should always plan in advance and be future-ready. Hence, while choosing an employee monitoring software, always ensure that it has the capacity to scale up when the need arises. With Flowtrack, you can customize the application to suit your needs and track any number of employees. To know about the multiple deployment models of Flow Track, click here.

5. How should employers handle the tracking data of the employees?

Employers should consider the data collected by an employee monitoring software as strictly confidential, sensitive data. It should be kept within a secured network and stored with restricted access. The information collected by FlowTrack is encrypted with 512-bit SSL encryption during transit. It also provides role-based authorization so that the information is visible only to specific roles of an organization. Flow Track has an offline tracking feature too. To know more, watch this video.

6. While selecting an employee monitoring software, what should be my priority?

Selecting an employee monitoring software requires lots of research. Though there are a lot of options available in the market, always give preference to the availability of technical support and ease of usage. Flowtrack is easy to use and customize. The number of days required for its installation will vary depending on the number of employees getting onboarded per day. The entire onboarding process, including training and communication, can be completed in 2 days for a company with 200 employees. Flow Track also offers you 24/7 technical support. Interested to know more? Watch this video!

Flowtrack- Managing Productivity Made Easy

Managing work productivity can be hard, especially during this pandemic. Hence, opting for employee monitoring software is one of the best decisions you can take for your organization if you haven't done it already. Consider your organizational needs and implement the solution that best suits its requirements.

Are you ready for a new level of productivity? Get Flowtrack employee monitoring software today! Do you have any queries we didn't answer in this blog? Please talk to us today and get a free demo to get all your doubts cleared!

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