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Elevate employee experience by integrating productivity monitoring and employee lifecycle management.

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FlowTrack + Employee Life Cycle Management: A Winning Combo

FlowTrack adds value to a positive employee experience throughout an employee’s journey in an organization via built-in integrations with applications such as Zampa, a governance, risk and compliance platform, HRAPP, an end-to-end employee lifecycle management platform, as well as e-signature tools.

FlowTrack’s extended capabilities facilitate businesses to manage the employee lifecycle, supplier life cycle, governance, risk and compliance. By providing data-driven insights throughout the employee lifecycle, FlowTrack helps managers ensure that the employees stay motivated, engaged, and highly productive.

Onboarding and Policy Compliance

FlowTrack’s integrated HR application helps you streamline your employees’ onboarding process and ensure policy compliance, automating tasks such as creating employee accounts and assigning permissions. It helps HR teams save time and reduce errors and also enables managers to monitor new employees' activities.

Performance Management

As an integrated employee productivity monitoring and workforce analytics software, FlowTrack helps you manage your employees' qualitative performance more effectively. With real-time data measurable goals on key performance indicators (KPIs), you can monitor progress, revise goals, provide continuous feedback, rate employee performance on a monthly-basis and quickly identify areas for improvement and take corrective action.

Payroll & Compliance

FlowTrack’s extended capability of payroll and compliance helps you stay tax and statutory complaint and helps you in generating error-free payroll. The integration helps you with accurate time tracking, compliance monitoring, and data management without errors. It also enables HR teams to generate compliance reports quickly and easily.

Employee Self Service

Through integrations, FlowTrack enables your employees to access and manage their personal information, benefits, payroll, schedule, and other HR related processes on their own, offering them greater control and flexibility.


Streamline your off boarding processes through low code – no code modules, which automate the complete employee off boarding processes including decision trees, SLAs, multi-level approvals, asset recovery, and exit interviews.

Claims Management

FlowTrack facilitates claims management through seamless integration with banking APIs. You can define expense heads with sophisticated business tools to manage ever-evolving complexity in claims management. This way, you can automate the claims management process, streamline reimbursements, and reduce the administrative burden on HR teams. FlowTrack can also track claims from start to finish, including documentation, approvals, and payments.

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Workforce & Asset Optimization

Optimise the way your teams work for better results.
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Employee Engagement and Well-being

Get data-driven insights into employees' work and take measures for work-life balance.
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Workplace Efficiency

Optimize resource allocation, manage technology usage.
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  • Using FlowTrack is the best decision my company ever had in monitoring all its employees, including myself. The accuracy of our timestamp shows the efficiency of our work every day. I love this software for providing us with fair results & reports.
    COO from High Growth Startup
  • FlowTrack has been our preferred platform to track all of our employee hours and activity for a very long time, and we are delighted with the results in helping us manage our remote workforce.
    Chairman & CEO of a large DevOps business
  • One thing I love about FlowTrack is the level of monitoring capabilities. The effectiveness of the screenshots is truly a blessing as it gives a comprehensive analysis of not only the workflow but also the time consumed.
    HR Head, Moretasks
  • As a time-tracking and employee- monitoring software, FlowTrack does a great job. It does help our business to keep track of our remote workforce and is pretty comprehensive and even fun to use.
    HR Head from large IT services MNC

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