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Ensure Complete Data Security and Compliance
Unlock the power of Digital Asset Tracking with FlowTrack’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution. Safeguard your organization's confidential and sensitive information, including financial data and customer information, with comprehensive asset tracking.
Digital Asset Tracking is a critical component of a comprehensive DLP solution. Protect your organization from internal and external security threats, enforce data handling policies, and comply with industry regulations. Don't wait for a data breach to occur, take control of your digital assets today with FlowTrack’s DLP solution.

Web File Events Tracking

FlowTrack’s Web File Events Tracking feature enables tracking of files within and outside your organization's network. It can detect the file type, size, source and destination, when they are being uploaded and downloaded, as well as the user who initiated the transfer.

File & Data Events Tracking

Track the transfer of file and data within and outside your company. Detect when data is being shared or accessed, and where it is being sent or received from. You can also track the type of the data, as well as the target storage to which it was sent such as emails, external drives, and network drives.

Critical Alerts

Digital Asset Tracking feature sends alerts to the designated personnel when critical events occur, such as when sensitive data is accessed or when a large amount of data is being transferred. This will enable your teams to respond quickly to potential data loss incidents and take necessary actions to prevent any potential threats.

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Data Loss Prevention

Safeguard sensitive information by arresting data breaches and unauthorized accesses.
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  • Using FlowTrack is the best decision my company ever had in monitoring all its employees, including myself. The accuracy of our timestamp shows the efficiency of our work every day. I love this software for providing us with fair results & reports.
    COO from High Growth Startup
  • FlowTrack has been our preferred platform to track all of our employee hours and activity for a very long time, and we are delighted with the results in helping us manage our remote workforce.
    Chairman & CEO of a large DevOps business
  • One thing I love about FlowTrack is the level of monitoring capabilities. The effectiveness of the screenshots is truly a blessing as it gives a comprehensive analysis of not only the workflow but also the time consumed.
    HR Head, Moretasks
  • As a time-tracking and employee- monitoring software, FlowTrack does a great job. It does help our business to keep track of our remote workforce and is pretty comprehensive and even fun to use.
    HR Head from large IT services MNC

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