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Evaluate workload across teams and help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance
Regardless of the organizations size or the industry, the importance of workload management cannot be overstated. When employees are overworked, they are more likely to experience burnout.
Conversely, when employees are underutilized, they may become disengaged and less motivated to perform their work. FlowTrack helps you ensure that employees are working at a sustainable pace, and retain top talent by creating a work environment that promotes well-being and work-life balance.

Identify Workload Imbalances

Identify which teams or individuals are overloaded or underutilized and adjust workload distribution accordingly. This can help prevent burnout among employees who are consistently overworked.

Optimize Team Composition

Analyze team performance and composition to identify areas where improvements can be made. This can help you ensure that teams have the right mix of skills and experience to handle their workload efficiently.

Monitor Employee Engagement

Measure employee engagement and identify areas where employees may be experiencing burnout or struggling to maintain work-life balance. This can allow you to intervene before problems become too severe.

Enable Flexible Work Arrangements

Identify which employees may be able to work remotely or have more flexible schedules. This can help promote work-life balance by allowing employees to better manage their personal and professional commitments.

Location Insights

Gain valuable insights into how productive your employees are in different locations—office, remote, full-time, or hybrid—and develop an optimal work policy for productivity.

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Employee Engagement and Well-being

Get data-driven insights into employees' work and take measures for work-life balance.
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