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The secret to a productive workforce lies in its well-being
FlowTrack’s Wellness Assistance uses advanced algorithms to detect burnout. It can alert managers and HR teams about potential burnout risks by analyzing employee activities and identifying patterns of prolonged and intense work.
By identifying early warning signs of overworking, you can help your employees maintain a healthy work-life balance and boost productivity. Don't let burnout impact your employees' health and wellbeing. Invest in FlowTrack today and show your employees that you care about their health and happiness.

Risk Assessment

Wellness Assistance detects for risk factors involved in overworking by analyzing the continuous system engagement of an employee such as screen time, keyboard and mouse usage, and break frequency.
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When an employee exceeds the recommended levels of system usage, Wellness Assistance indicates the risk of burnout and recommends the employee to take a break, rehydrate, move for a while, and stretch.
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Educating Well-being

Even in the stage of onboarding, Wellness Assistance plays a critical role in the induction program, educating employees on how to handle stress, manage time, and stay highly productive.
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Employee Engagement and Well-being

Get data-driven insights into employees' work and take measures for work-life balance.
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  • Using FlowTrack is the best decision my company ever had in monitoring all its employees, including myself. The accuracy of our timestamp shows the efficiency of our work every day. I love this software for providing us with fair results & reports.
    COO from High Growth Startup
  • FlowTrack has been our preferred platform to track all of our employee hours and activity for a very long time, and we are delighted with the results in helping us manage our remote workforce.
    Chairman & CEO of a large DevOps business
  • One thing I love about FlowTrack is the level of monitoring capabilities. The effectiveness of the screenshots is truly a blessing as it gives a comprehensive analysis of not only the workflow but also the time consumed.
    HR Head, Moretasks
  • As a time-tracking and employee- monitoring software, FlowTrack does a great job. It does help our business to keep track of our remote workforce and is pretty comprehensive and even fun to use.
    HR Head from large IT services MNC

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