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Workforce & Asset Optimisation

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Work Force and Asset Optimisation
Utilize data to make informed decisions for a greater impact on your employees’ work. Enhance your productivity strategies and technology investments to promote effective work practices.
Do your employees dedicate sufficient time and focus to their assigned tasks? Amidst the constant influx of emails and instant messages, time-consuming meetings, and usage of multiple business applications, it can be challenging to focus on producing valuable work.
FlowTrack’s Workforce and Asset Optimization enables you to analyze work patterns and productivity trends, pinpoint areas requiring assistance, and track progress objectively.
  • Gain insights by linking work habits to productivity patterns.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of remote work with location-specific insights.
  • Evaluate how organizational changes impact your employees.
  • Establish and monitor goals to incentivize progress and gauge improvement.
  • Access comprehensive workforce activity data by integrating it with your current toolset.

Key Features to Optimize Your Workforce and Asset

Analyze and Understand

Understand better how your employees are performing and how they can be more productive.
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Define Measurable Goals

Define role-specific benchmarks, track the progress of workforce engagement , and provide continuous feedback to achieve the goals set.
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Empower Your Employees

Help employees cultivate mindful work habits that lead to productivity and well-being.
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Unify Your Tools for Real Insights

Enabling businesses to extend FlowTrack for effective management of employee lifecycle.
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FlowTrack Difference

Comprehension not Supervision

FlowTrack’s top-notch analytic tools give you insights to comprehend how your workforce performs, how teams communicate, and how results can be optimized for growth.
  • Empowers Employees
  • Optimizes Processes
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Privacy Conscious
  • Using FlowTrack is the best decision my company ever had in monitoring all its employees, including myself. The accuracy of our timestamp shows the efficiency of our work every day. I love this software for providing us with fair results & reports.
    COO from High Growth Startup
  • FlowTrack has been our preferred platform to track all of our employee hours and activity for a very long time, and we are delighted with the results in helping us manage our remote workforce.
    Chairman & CEO of a large DevOps business
  • One thing I love about FlowTrack is the level of monitoring capabilities. The effectiveness of the screenshots is truly a blessing as it gives a comprehensive analysis of not only the workflow but also the time consumed.
    HR Head, Moretasks
  • As a time-tracking and employee- monitoring software, FlowTrack does a great job. It does help our business to keep track of our remote workforce and is pretty comprehensive and even fun to use.
    HR Head from large IT services MNC

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