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We believe that the effective way to build a productive organization is to build trust with your employees and make them feel secure. And the only way to do that is to comprehend how employees work and how teams interact. Scrutinizing doesn't help. FlowTrack’s data analytics tools give you insights into your teams’ work patterns, with which you can address productivity issues, help them get upskilled and optimize results.
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Analytics Has the Answers

FlowTrack’s modern data analytics tools help you uncover insights into how your teams work and interact so you can answer questions like...

How to measure the productivity of employees

FlowTrack’s analytics tools enable you to measure the productivity of your employees by tracking factors such as attendance, task completion rates, and the time it takes to complete tasks. This can help you identify areas where productivity may be lagging and take steps to improve it.

How effectively are we utilizing the resources

With FlowTrack’s Workplace Efficiency solution, you can track resource utilization rates, such as equipment usage or employee workload. This can help you identify areas where resources may be under or over-utilized, and take action to optimize resource allocation.

What are the primary causes of delays in projects

FlowTrack’s Workforce Productivity Monitoring solution can help you identify the root causes of delays in projects, such as bottlenecks in the workflow or inefficient processes. By identifying these issues, you can take steps to address them and improve project efficiency.

Which employees are most productive

Our analytics tools can also help you identify your most productive employees, which in turn enable you to make informed decisions about promotions, bonuses, or employee development opportunities.

How can we improve employee engagement

Employee Satisfaction and Well-being Solution helps you measure employee engagement levels by analyzing factors such as employee feedback, burnout, absenteeism rates, and turnover rates. This way, you can identify areas where you may need to make improvements to increase employee engagement levels.

How efficiently are our employees working

With the Workforce Productivity Monitoring solution, you can now track employee work habits, such as time spent on specific tasks or work-related communication patterns. This helps you identify areas where employees may be spending too much time on non-essential tasks, or not collaborating effectively.

How effectively can we optimize our workflow

With Workforce and Asset Optimization solution, you can identify opportunities to optimize workflow, such as automating manual processes or redesigning the production line. By optimizing workflow, you can increase productivity and reduce costs.

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Brand logo of Flow Track
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